5 Tips for Shopping a Sale Like a Pro

Its no secret I love to shop, but the truth is I hardly ever pay full price because my mom taught me to shop sales like PRO (thanks Mom)! So as we gear up for the countless MDW Sales that are about to happen these are my tips to helping you get the most for your money.


1. Set a Budget for Yourself. . .this will help keep your purchases in check & avoid post sale regret

2. Make a list of items and divide it into two columns: STAPLES & TRENDS. Always try and purchase STAPLES first since these are pieces you will wear over & over.  


3. Don't just buy something JUST because its a good deal! Picture yourself wearing a piece at least 3-5 different ways then decide if its worth it.

4. Know The Return Policy

5. Subscribe to E-mails for Your Favorite Sites for Special Promotions 

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