Fashionably Fit

For today's Fashionably Fit post, I would like to take a minute and talk about the importance of exercise for not only the body, but also the mind. For about 2.5 weeks I hadn't been able to make it to KRANK, my favorite spot to workout in Nashville for spin class because I couldn't seem to kick my lingering cough/cold, but I didn't realize the mental toll it was taking on me until I went back last week. As the music was bumping and my legs were pumping, I found myself smiling, really just giddy with the realization that I was back on the bike and able to tune everything else out for the next 45 minutes. It was a powerful feeling to know that these were my 45 minutes and no one else's. Lately, it seems to be harder and harder to carve out time for myself, but last week I realized how integral that "me" time is to both my happiness and productivity.

Now, not everyone might get that same sense of peace from working out, but whatever you might find peace and happiness in I encourage you to take time to do it, because we can all use a little more peace of mind. Take time for yourself, even if its just 30-45 mins a few times a week, because if you don't chances are you are not fulfilling yourself and that is something that is essential to your happiness. Have a wonderful Thursday.

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