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Happy Thursday everyone! Today I am lucky to have Lindsey Joe, a registered Dietician/Nutritionist sharing some of her favorite and best pre/post workout snacks with y'all to keep us all on track with those New Years resolutions. Since working out is a big part of who I am aside from fashion, this is going to be another part of the blog this year! So here is what Lindsey has to share: working out not only works up a sweat, but also your appetite! Especially when you’re clocking back-to-back classes to reach those New Year’s resolutions. And while it’s easy to fill up on whatever food your taste buds desire (we are exercising off tons of calories aren’t we?), choosing healthful snacks can be hard.

To avoid adding up on extra calories that counteract all your good exercise efforts, try any combination of the below foods to fuel you up before or after your workout. By pairing foods that are high in carbohydrates with foods that are high in protein, we can prepare or replenish our muscles pre and post-workout.

My personal favorite combos are:
  1. carrot chips + hummus
  2. dried mango + cashews

Which are you most excited to try?



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